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Physical Data
Species: Trill (joined)
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Height: 1m92
Weight: 80 kg
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Played by: Jan Vermeulen
Official Data
Date of Birth: Stardate 44011.5
Place of Birth: Vertun, Trill
2362-2366:Starfleet Academy
(Major: Engineering; Minor: Physics)
2370:Starfleet Command School
Service Record:
2365:USS Crystal, NCC 68729, New Orleans class,
Engineering intern, cadet
2366-2369:USS Dover, NCC 68882, Akira class,
Engineering Officer, Ensign -> Lieutenant
2369-2370:Planitia Utopia Shipyards, Ship Design Team,
Warp Specialist, Lieutenant
2370-2372:Planitia Utopia Shipyards, Richelieu Project,
Chief Engineering Officer, Lt. Commander
2372-2376:USS Richelieu, NX 2922, Richelieu class,
Chief Engineering and acting Executive Officer, Commander
2376-2377:Planitia Utopia Shipyards, Ship Design Team,
Warp Specialist, Commander
2377-pres:USS Dallas-A, NCC 74606, Intrepid class,
Commanding Officer, Commander
Distinguished Service MedalDistinguished Service CrossCombat Action RibbonStarfleet Unit CommendationGood Conduct Medal
Battle for Sector 001 CitationDominion Conflict Service MedalDominion Campaign Medal
Biographical Data

From an early age, Freya knew that she wanted to be joined with a symbiont. Her parents, seeing the difficulties in the road ahead, tried to persuade her to not attempt it. At the age of 15 she applied for the Symbiont Joining Trainig against the will of her parents. The first few years she only made it through the courses on her willpower. When she was 17, she discovered constructional engineering and started nurturing the talent she had with it.

After graduating from Joining Training as a possible host, she joined Starfleet and attended Starfleet Academy. As a 3rd year cadet, she was one of the lucky few to get an internship on a starship. Freya graduated as an ensign that excelled in her speciality, but nothing else. Quickly she was assigned to the USS Dover while she requested a posting at Planitia Utopia Shipyards.

For 3 years, she put in numerous requests to be transferred. In 2369, as a senior lieutenant then, her request was granted and she joined one of the many Starship Design Teams at Planitia Utopia Shipyards as a warp specialist.

Soon, she was swept up by the charismatic Design Coordinator Yuri Michaelovitch. During the long hours they worked together in creating a starship that would replace the ageing Miranda class workhorse of the fleet, she fell in love with him.

The resulting project, named Richelieu, was proposed to the Starfleet Engineering Corps and approved for test production. In their rush to get their design reality, they made several errors which resulted in the 2 year period of actually building a working test vessel. In the mean time, Starfleet Engineering Corps had approved another design to be built for the same type of starship: the Intrepid design.

Early 2372 the Richelieu design was completed and put to the test. During that time, Yuri took command of the Richelieu and assigned Freya as chief engineer and acting executive officer. The Intrepid design had already left spacedock for almost 3 months by then. Both ships got their baptism of fire when the in 2373 invading Borg cube was stopped in Sector 001.

Allthough the Richelieu was superior to the Intrepid design in resilience and sheer firepower (which enabled the ship to save the USS Orinoko from annihilation), the Intrepid was faster and more maneuvreable and for those reasons elected by the Engineering Corps for full production. In the aftermath of the Sector 001 battle, Freya was called to Trill ot undergo joining with the Pos symbiont.

When she returned, Freya had become a different woman. As Yuri was ready to give up on the Richelieu, Freya started a fierce debate with the admirals seating in the Engineering Corps to keep the Richelieu active, but as a testvessel for new technologies. Also, where she lived for her work before joining, she now took on several hobbies (like horseback riding, dancing and cycling) and expanded her social life. Her blooming social life put an enormous stress on her relationship with Yuri.

In the years before the Dominion conflict, the Richelieu served marvelously well as test ship and Freya broke with Yuri. During the conflict, the experimental ship was sent to the front to aid the Federation attempt to keep from being overrun. During the last days of the war, the Richelieu was destroyed by a kamikaze Dominion fighter. Freya left the exploding ship with the last escape pod.

After that, she was again assigned to one of the Starship Design Teams on Planitia Utopia. Yuri, however, left the service and settled on Earth. When Starfleet Command offered Freya a command position a year later, she was amused to see that it was an Intrepid class vessel. A design she had hated for several years for taking the place of 'her' Richelieu.

Personality Profile: