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A precious few months after USS Voyager returned from the Delta Quadrant, Starfleet Command realised that they were losing sight of one of the main objectives of the organisation when it was established. Exploration of space. The peace with the Dominion and the subsequent forays into the Gamma quadrant have turned away the attention from the Alpha quadrant that still has large unexplored areas. To this end Taskforce 121 has been created.

Sent to the edge of the Anora nebula, the 5 ships that make up this small taskforce (the USS Panther, the USS Europa, the USS Raoult, the USS Wendigo and the USS Dallas) are to be the spearhead of the exploration of the United Federation of Planets.

This SIM focusses on the adventures of one ship of this taskforce: the USS Dallas. There are always positions open in most departments. Check out the Manifest page for more details.

Jan Vermeulen
Commander Freya Pos

August, 21st, 2004: Created blank index pages for each directory added data to the Missions index.

August, 19th, 2004: Updated the main page and nearly completed the bio for Freya Pos

August, 6th, 2004: Updated the main page, started wih the Joining page and updated the Manifest page again.

August, 4th, 2004: Redid the Crew page and created the information page concerning the Medals and Awards.

July, 25th, 2004: Changed color scheme of the main page and defined the design of the crew pages.