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Here is the basic info on how our sim functions and some general rules. Please read this message carefully. You might want to keep it for reference. Some of it is really obvious or may seem a little stressed, but believe me, even the simplest of these guidelines have been broken enough times to warrant this letter :)  If you're familiar with these kind of game rules from your previous experience, just look for the differences that make them Dallas-specific and add them to your repertoire.

Please send all posts non-html, some of our players' email programs are not able to receive html messages.

There is a minimum posting requirement of one post per week on the Dallas. If you need to be excused from posting for any  reason, send a message asking to be excused for whatever length of time you need. **Please note, if you do not tell us that you are unable to post and we do not hear from you in four weeks you will be removed from the sim.**

We award promotions based on a system of points given to your quality and quantity of posts. Look at the Ranks and Promotions page for details. We also award medals for special character and player performance. Again, see the site for details about these awards and medals.

The following is a log that is a blazingly painful example of what NOT to do as a writer aboard this ship:

--Computer Activated--

"I hope I find something today." says Doug.

-- Activating log --

"This had better be good." sas the crewman

-- Log scolls through--

"Drats nothing in that." exclaims Doug Jackson.

--20 minutes later, Doug's Quarter's--

"That did not accomplish any thing." says Doug

"Computer, can I have some Creme Brulee Ristretto." asks Crewman Jackson.


Doug goes over to a chair and sits down.

"We will never accomplish anything without information." says the crewman. "Well I better get some rest."

The Dallas is an R rated sim. Posts with adult content and language are allowed, not required. The rating was adopted to reflect the mature nature of our simmers and our writing, meaning that our characters deal with adult situations and issues which sometimes include sex and violence. It is our hope that "R rated" material is used with taste. It's rated R not XXX :)

The chain of command is as follows: GM, AGM, department heads, officers.

Subplots and actions by your character that will affect the mainplot must be cleared. Everyone's ideas and input are welcomed but, like a ship, in order to keep everything running smoothly we all have to follow the chain of command.

First bring your questions (concerning whether an idea will affect the main plot or your department) to your department head. If necessary your dept. head will consult the plotmeister. This is to insure that the main plot stays on course. Please contact your department head for more details, to find out how to contact them, consult the Crew Roster.

The Endeavour is different from many Star Trek sims in that we do not make references to the any of the series or movies. Posts including any character or vessel from the series or movies will not be accepted. If you feel the need for a special exception, consult the plotmeister.

This sim thrives on Joint logs. I find them to be the most fun to write. If you would like to write something that has another player-character involved, you need to write to them and get their permission or ask to write a joint log with them, sending the log back and forth until it's complete. **I can't stress this enough: NEVER WRITE FOR ANOTHER PC WITHOUT CONSULTING THEM**

Sometimes there is a need to create Non-player-characters or NPCs. The posting requirement does not apply to them, but they can be used whenever you want. We have some NPC's that are used by many people on the ship and others that are "owned" by one player who controls them. NPC's can fill in for needed roles in your posts that don't require a player character or they can become distinct personalities that are used frequently.

Here are a few formats that we use:

In the subject line of each post please write-

Dallas: Current Chapter

This is very important. Please keep up to date on the chapters and use the subject field for this purpose only. It's extremely useful to our webmaster and to players on more than one sim.

Concernig the Stardates system that is utilized here at the Dallas.

Since the SIM will run in 2377, that first 3 digits of the Stardate will be 544. The next 2 digits refer to the month the Stardate refers to. Then a point and then the day of the month.

Some examples.
June 12th, 2374 = Stardate 54106.12
December 31st, 2376 = Stardate 54312.31
May 1st, 2377 = Stardate 54405.1

Please keep to this system as this will make the Archives of the Dallas a lot more coherent.

At the beginning of each log, please include a heading-

"Title" (optional)
by Your name and/or Character name
Stardate *****.*, Time

=== Rank (optional) Character Name, Setting ===

Body of log

For example-

"The Cat in the Hat"
By Dr. Seuss
Stardate 54410.5, 15h30

=== Dr. Seuss, sickbay ===

blah blah

If you need to write an Out of Character Communication please use brackets and/or OCC-

(-(OCC...)-)  {OCC...}

(And in the subject line if it's an entire OCC message-Dallas: OCC)

We like to try and keep ship-wide OCC's to a minimum. Usually they are reserved for important information the entire ship needs to hear. If you see an OCC from any member of the administration i.e. GM, it's something to pay attention to.

The SIM's GM is there for the players and he is approachable for any needs a player might have. Questions pertaining to plot, continuity, suggestions, and the occasional problems can be brought to either the GM or the AGM, dedicated to do everything they can to make the Dallas the best SIM out there.

Game Master:
Jan Vermeulen (
Assistant Game Master:
Koen Ven (