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Deck Layout for the USS Dallas-A
1Captainís Ready Room, Main Bridge, Conference Room
2Captain's Quarters, Stellar Cartography
3Security, Brig
4Transporter Rooms 1 and 2, Cargo Bay 1, Two Cargo Transporters
5Sickbay, Doctorís Office, Main Lounge
6Junior and Senior Officers Quarters
7Science Labs, Computer Core
8Holodecks 1 - 3, Junior Officers and Crew Quarters
9Deflector Control, Lower Level Torpedo Bay Control
10Upper Engineering Support Area, Shuttlebay, Cargo Bays 2 and 3
11Main Engineering, Warp Core
12Lower Engineering, Environmental Control
13Gym, Crew Quarters
14Secondary Power Couplings
15Maintenance and Systems Support, Deuterium Storage